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How-To Knitting Needle Organizer

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From That Crafty Bitch: "Every time I take my massive roll or knitting needles out I get showered with praise. I decides I'd start making cute recycled caddies to feed the desires of knitters I know, and now I'm offering them in my Etsy shop. These are somewhat smaller then my original, but I assume that others are not dragging several pounds of redundant needles around The body of mine features a piece of upcycled pants denim. One might find it easier to work with a piece of virgin heavy weight fabric. But, if you'ld like to follow along reference my tutorial on pants->bags, I use the upper sections of the legs. Each pair of pants makes two caddies. I take each leg, cut along the more diagonal side and sew the two pieces into a large loop. I then cun down the middle to make fairly squarish shapes."


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