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Decapitated Barbie Jewelry Organizer

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I saw a few doll jewelry organizers in Bath and Body works selling for $30.00, and knew I could make them at home. After all, Barbie would rather rip off her head than let you pay that price. How convenient, because we were going to take it off for her, anyway.


Indie Gals said...

I love your DIY instructions for so many items. Great site.

Eclecticas from

kaye said...

that's how barbie most often appears around here, except she is also missing her clothing and is scribbled upon with magic marker

Here’s my WW hope you can stop by!

catsynth said...

That's certainly an interesting image.

I think lots of dolls do end up decapitated, though probably not in purpose.

Lale said...

I like it :))

myvintagelife said...

Funny funny! D.E

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