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Featured DIY Monday Player: Life, Love, Yarn!

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Each week, I'm going to select a DIY Monday player who has entered there on the right to feature in the blog. This week's blogger is Life, Love, Yarn!, #60 to promote on this week's DIY Monday. Okay, so you might already know Jessica's blog. She has a giveaway once a week, features Etsy shops and artists, and just plain projects a love of craft onto everyone that comes by the blog. If you aren't hip to Life, Love Yarn! yet, then it's time to get with the program. Check out her latest giveaway, this stunning painting by Tye J. Schloer: Add your blog to the DIY Monday list to the right if you would like a chance to get featured. I also feature blogs from this list on the DIY Fashion site.


Melissa said...

Sounds exciting. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the heads up regarding your DIY Fashion site! I will look foward to it :)

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