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Featured DIY Monday Player: Pirate Pixie Crew

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How is shopping ever more fun than this? Pirate Pixie Crew is #52 on our list this week: "Ahoy, me hearties! Welcome to my Pirate Pixie Crew Shop. I'm Captain Skulduggery Dug and in my shop ye can find fabulous buccaneering goodies and treasures to enhance your life. Hats, scarves, bags, blankets and bunting all lovingly hand crafted to enhance yea lives. Read my profile to find out how I came to have a crew of Pirate Pixies. Come join my crew of Pirate Pixies and enjoy the adventure!" Not only do you get to feel the sea air flowing through your locks with that enthusiastic introduction, you will also be feasting you eyes on sweet felts and knits. I feel sorta like I'm watching Labyrinth when I peruse this shop. Anyone else? Would you like to get your shop or blog featured? Just enter your link on the right each week. The list is refreshed each Monday to give everyone a chance to post, and for you to post a new link to fresh blog posts or shop items. I'll pick a random DIY Monday participant each week to be featured.


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