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Get Your Free Window Shopping Image

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With this dynamic window shopping image, you can create a cute ad for your current shop items that is very alluring for visitors to click on.


  • Just copy the HTML code , and be sure to insert your shop name or image, address and 6 images in the proper places. If you know how to copy & paste image and site links, this shouldn't be too difficult.
  • You can also insert your own 143 x 48 shop logo at the top. Larger logos will be re-sized automatically to fit.
  • Do not worry about resizing item photos. Just get the address of your images and insert them in the correct places. This code will re-size the images to fit.
  • If you have any issues, please comment on this post and I will try to help!

This image is free because it links back to this site. Please do not tamper with the HTML to prevent it from linking back here. I work full time as a writer and graphic designer, so this is my own handmade livelihood, here, just like the items you craft with your own two hands.

I hope this image brings lots of potential buyers to your shop!

Empty Shop Example:


The Holistic Diva said...

Very cute shopping window. Although I have to see where to paste the code to add the images first -- notepad? Not sure.

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