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Promote Your Handmade Goods at Bonnaroo 2009!

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Lend one of your goods to the Kidz Jam Raffle at Bonnaroo.
Kidz Jam provides the official children's area at Bonnaroo, a music festival that draws an average of 80,000 people to Manchester, Tennessee each year. Parents, children, and young festival goers spend hours a day in our tent and pass by in the tens of thousands on their way to the many stages that surround our central location.

In 2009, Kidz Jam needs to raise funds to cover our expenses for Bonnaroo. We would like to hold a raffle, which we have found to be successful in the past. Our sponsors have found it successful too, with their goods on display and business cards given to the parent and availbel to passerby. We are currently relying on public donation and fundraisers like this one to keep us running. Bonnaroo is our one good shot at a raffle fundraising effort in 2009.

Associating your business with Kidz Jam means becoming a part of teaching children about music and culture, educating parents on the importance of hearing and stranger safety at outdoor concerts.

A little more about Kidz Jam:
  • Kidz Jam works to make outdoor festivals aware of just how many children are in attendance. Children often don't have to buy a ticket or are lumped in with adult ticketing. This means that families are often not accounted for as a purchasing power for the festival. We tally the children and parents in attendance to help the festival make decisions like setting aside special camping areas for families that have their own port-o-pots and are close to the stages. The walking distance at festivals can be as much as 45 minutes from the farthest camping sites to the stages.
  • For every family, we give away sunblock, shade, fresh fruit and cold water to help combat the heat. Parents are offered complimentary earplugs and information on how to use them and why hearing and stranger safety is so essential for children at concerts.
  • Kidz Jam helps to foster a love of music and the arts. Our live performers engage kids in magic tricks, face painting and music. There are instruments available for the children to try, and our crafts center the kids in art that promotes recycling and conservation efforts. Kids often make their own instruments to play during the concert so that they feel like they are part of the show.
  • When families are able to relax in a child-centered environment, they are refreshed and more ready to enjoy the music and art that the rest of the festival has to offer.
Thank you for your support. Each raffle entry we receive will be provided with a tax-deductable receipt with our EIN.Kidz Jam is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Visit for more information, or send a note in the form below if you have an item to contribute!
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