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Make it Merry Blog Roundup

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In the tradition of excellent blog carnivals like Alexa Westerfield's Terrorific Tuesdays, we're starting a group for the holidays to help showcase all the excellent handmade holiday crafts from bloggers of every holiday tradition.

Every Thursday you'll find a new set of tutorials on how to make everything from personalized presents to yummy holiday snacks. This will be a group of thumbnails and links to each project. It's an easy way to browse all sorts of holiday decorating ideas from like-minded crafters like you.

If you'd like to play along, just send me a link to your holiday tutorial at The tutorial must have a photo of the finished craft so that I can include it in the group photo collage.

Each Wednesday night, I'll email you the HTML for you to post the Make it Merry code to your blog for the day. You'll simply paste the code into your Thursday blog post. Everyone else participating will have the same code, so it's a great way to drive traffic to your blog and network with the other bloggers participating in Make it Merry.

If you'd like to encourage other bloggers to join in, you can let them in on how to join by adding this square button to the sidebar of your blog and linking it to the mirror of this blog post at Adding more bloggers to the Make it Merry Thursdays will mean that your own craft is posted in front of more readers.

You can participate any week you like. We'll be running from November 5th to December 24th.

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jenna said...

hey! i just got our note on Just cook Already and we'd love to be a part of it! I'm working on a turkey tutorial as we speak! email us at to let me know the details!

Tiaras said...

love this - book marking this now

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