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Make it Merry: Week Six

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Paper Cone Angel

Make this pretty paper cone angel to decorate your table or tree. The angel is easy to customize and personalize using your favorite festive rubber stamps!

Goofy Reindeer Ornament

Need a little silly on your tree? This easy ornament from Tammy Powley will lighten the mood on your tree this year.

Curly Branch Paper Tree

These are a recycler's dream and can be made from a used pencil or colored pencil and a sheet of any paper or curling ribbon in any color - try used gift wrap or ribbon to make a wonderfully stylized forest.

Little Tree Cross Stitch

Stitch a tiny, tiny tree using this pattern by Connie G. Barwick and add it to a card or gift tag. Or, add more pizazz and decorate the tiny tree with sequins and beads.

Christmas Tree Pillow

This easy to knit pillow has a simple Christmas tree motif on one side, and plain red and green stripes on the other, so you can use it all winter long without feeling too mired in Christmas decorations.

Puzzle Piece Ornaments

Create your own unique ornaments for your Christmas tree or other holiday decorating needs by recycling old jigsaw puzzle pieces. You can use the ideas and directions I provide on these project sheets to create a variety of ornaments. Use my projects as inspiration to create your own designs.

Christmas Scrubby Soaps

This project from David Fisher is a simple variation of my Animal Melt and Pour Scrubbies project - except with Christmas themed nylon scrubbies.

Sparkling Holiday Pin

This elegant sparkles pin from the Bliss Tree blog is really easy to make, especially if you start with a pre-formed pin with drop loops.

Recycled Christmas Needle Book

From the Craftside blog, create this needle book out of scraps from recycled wool felted sweaters. HTis is the perfect gift for the stitcher in your life.

Painted Christmas Cards

Imagine receiving not just your average Hallmark card, but one hand painted by a dear friend. Spend a cozy night painting a few cards with the instructions and technique guides from Marion Boddy-Evans.

Want to Join Make it Merry to show off your holiday crafts? We will showcase your crafts and recipes of all holiday traditions. Learn more.

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