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Crafting Handmade Goods for Haiti

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Handmade for haitiIf you received the last DIY Fashion newsletter, you have already heard of one source of outreach for the survivors of the terrible quake in Haiti. Things are getting desperate over there, but it can feel so hard for us to help when we are so far away from the situation.

Donating money to a reputable organization is always the most direct way to help, but if your budget is set aside for other things, you can either craft for the people of Haiti, or purchase your regular handmade goods with a portion of the proceeds going to the effort. I've been researching a few more ways that you can put your love of handmade to work:

  • Craft Hope for Haiti - All proceeds of the Craft Hope Etsy shop will benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. All items have been generously donated by the crafting community. If you'd like to donate an item (or for shop updates) visit the Craft Hope website.

  • Knit for Haiti - If you want to send something directly to is not the time. It's hard to get even food and water in at this point to the thousands of displaced citizens. What you can do it get started on something that will be taken there in March. Sarah at the "It's Quiet Now, What Do You Say" blog has a few friends scheduled to land in Haiti in a couple of months, where they will personally be handing out blankets to survivors. This gives you time to start stitching, and you can even post your progress at the new Flickr group she's created for the purpose.

  • More ways to help...
Do you have another source for providing aid to the effort?
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