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Lorain Blanken, your Guide to DIY Fashion

Last time I told you guys that we would be bringing back handmade giveaways. Since then, our listing system broke down, but is now up and running, so I'll include some giveaways along with this week's news.

I've also been experimenting with bleach as a medium, particularly laying down leaves and vines on fabric, then spraying over them with a bleach solution. What have you been working on this week?

This Week in the DIY Fashion Forum...

Teeroi asks:
"Has anyone ever had to take in a basketball jersey? This one is lined and is probably two inches too big on each side for the young lady who will be wearing it..." Can you help Teeroi with her alterations?

DoobieD writes: If you are dyeing clothes that are not white to begin with, should you bleach them first? See the answer and offer advice. Do you have a question for the DIY Fashion message board? Come join us.

How to Discharge Clothing

Have you ever wanted to fade or remove the color on a garment? Removing color, or 'discharging' is a great way to lighten a piece of clothing before you dye it. Learn the do's and don'ts of working with bleach, and some creative ways to use leaves, stencils and bleach to make easy-dye projects.

Handmade Giveaways Ending Soon

Click each photo to find out how to win these items submitted by DIY Fashion readers:

Recycled DIY Fashion

Recycled DIY Fashion is a great way to reuse clothing that you would otherwise have to throw away. Here are some free projects to renew your wardrobe with recycled DIY fashion.

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