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Top Sewing Scissors

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Ah, scissors. I'm not sure I'd call our relationship a love affair as much as I would a necessary engagement of the shotgun wedding variety. Every pair of scissors I have purchased in the last ten years has either gone dull in a matter of days or snapped in half.

Is it fair to say I'm rough on scissors? Yes. Yes, it is. I cut everything from plastic bags to sticky applique patches. Many a pair of my poor scissors have made the transition from pristine sewing case to the trenches of the kitchen drawer, condemned for all eternity to open hot dog packages.

This went on for some time until a bright idea actually struck me (it happens once in a blue moon). How about I invest in a pair of really good scissors? More...

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Anonymous said...

Buy a Mundial 270SR Serra sharp and just use it for cloth and fabric , will last years and years.. use a cheap pair for any paper card, or sticky tape. never let the kids or husband near yiur best scissors..
john the cutlery man England

Rain Blanken said...

Thanks for the advice, John! I wonder if they sell these in the states?

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